What is HackStudio?

Join hundreds of participants in Hack Studio - A plentitude of opportunities where enthusiastic minds could brainstorm on solutions for challenging issues through technology. Put your skills to the test, and you could win amazing prizes and sharpen your competitive edge. So be ready to caffeinate, collaborate and celebrate. The hackathon will also have keynotes & workshops from executives from the industry.

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Provide greater opportunities for learning both in the classroom and at home


Defend those assets against all threat actors throughout the entire life cycle of a cyber attack


Develop to improve efficiency and profitability for farming


Protecting our environment also protects life on earth.


Make positive change in the world


Have something in mind which is out of the box? Go with it!
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THE Institution

Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) occupies a unique place on the academic road map of Asia as a premier institution for higher education. The University’s motto ‘Tejasswinavadhitamasthu’ meaning ‘may the wisdom accrued deify us both - the teacher and the taught and percolateto the universe in its totality. The pursuit of excellence through these programmes has given CUSAT national and international acclaim.

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Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) is the central agency of the Government of Kerala for entrepreneurship development and incubation activities in Kerala, India.A startup accelerator in Kerala, to promote technology-based entrepreneurship activities, and to create the infrastructure and environment required to support high-technology-based businesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hackstudio?
HackStudio is a 24 hour hackathon organized by the IT Association, Cochin University of Science and Technology

Who can attend HackStudio?
Any university student, undergraduate or postgraduate student, or graduates who are less than a year out of university.

How to get involved with Hackstudio?
If you are a company/organization looking to increase your spectrum and reach out to more people. HackStudio is a great platform for you.
Check out the Hack Studio brochure:Click Here!
If you are a university student you can open up with diversified minds and ideas with HackStudio. For more update stay tuned with our social media pages @TheHackStudio. Also show us your excitement with hashtags #HackStudio #IHaveNewIdea on social media. We have special goodies for you.

I am a beginner to technology, Can I participate in Hackstudio?
We will have mentors on site to teach you lots of new skills and guide you towards creating your first hack. All the students are very friendly and willing to help each other out. Come along and learn your first lines of code and make something cool.

Can i participate without a computer science background?
Of course!It all depends on your skills. You can learn about new tech anywhere, anytime.

How do I contact you?
Email us: hackstudio@cusat.ac.in

What are the perks of participating in this hackathon?
The hackathon will instantly increase your knowledge and skill level and will serve as a platform to socialize with the tech community. Cash prizes and other perks are in store for the winners and cool schwag for all participants.

Want to sponsor us or just want to get in touch?
You can check out the brochure or mail us at:

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